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Gay Threesome

It is so interesting how some gay men feel that being gay and having a gay threesome is wrong. I can understand where they’re coming from because as a gay man, I also have had threesome sex. And I can tell you that it wasn’t the best experience in the world. And I wish that […]

Gay Doggystyle

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term “gay doggystyle“, here’s a quick definition: “Doggystyle is a style of gay porn in which a gay man penetrates his gay lover’s anus with his manhood, using his fingers or with his tongue.” Sounds hard to believe, right? Not, if you know what it involves. […]

Gay Anal Creampie

Gay men have never been afraid to try with gay anal creampie, the fear that comes over them is often “not gay” but rather the fear of being ridiculed. That is why anal sex remains such a mystery to many. A gay man may choose anal sex positions that he is completely comfortable with. He […]

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